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Non-Medical Face Masks “Take Care” (3 Pack)

Non-Medical Face Masks “Take Care” (3 Pack)

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    • Inclusive design to wear elastic over-the-head, especially for:
      • Anyone wearing a head scarf, turban, or head dress
      • Anyone with sensitive ears
      • Anyone wearing a hearing aide
    • You can adjust the elastic for a tighter fit
    • TakeCare brand identifier to help wearers wear it rightside up
    • Carefully researched, evidence-based, and thoughtfully designed
    • Locally manufactured by Canadian factories that knit, dye, finish, cut and sew, package, and deliver masks
    • Made in Toronto, Canada


    • 3 layers made with 100% Cotton
      • Outer layer is cotton pique
      • Middle layer is cotton woven at 180 range thread count (any denser and you can't breathe through it!)
      • Inner layer is cotton jersey

    Condition: New in package

    Size: Adults 

      • Width: 10.25 “ (26.8 cm)
      • Height: 6” (15 cm)

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