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Hose Cabinet

Hose Cabinet

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This PRO flow hose reel is both practical and aesthetic. No need to hide it, it can be part of your decor. Its metal structure ensures maximum strength and durability. Its capacity is 100ft of standard hoses. Its Auto-track system allows efficient rewinding by guiding your hose without having to touch it. It also has a Neverleak water system which is much sturdier that a traditional poly water system as it cannot rust.

  • STURDY METAL FRAME for maximum stability and durability
  • WOOD TEXTURE SIDE PANELS made of high impact resistance plastic
  • AUTO-TRACK SYSTEM System: guides the hose evenly as you wind, without even touching it
  • NEVERLEAK ALUMINUM WATER SYSTEM leak proof and 8x more resistant than plastic
  • 100-ft. (30.5m) hose capacity Cabinet and 6-FT leader hose included
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    Condition: New in box

    Dimensions: 18.5" H x 17.25" W x 22.5" D

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