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Smoke Alarm (Pack of 2)

Smoke Alarm (Pack of 2)

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This photoelectric alarm is a 10-year, sealed battery smoke alarm with an 85dB alarm tone accompanied by a voice warning feature. The alarm will automatically activate when it is attached to the mounting bracket; there are no pulltabs, no switches, everything is automatic. The long life battery eliminates the need for battery replacement and ends unauthorized battery removal. Provides continuous protection from smoke and fire even during power outages.

  • 10-year sealed lithium battery – No battery to replace for the life of the alarm (10 years)
  • Voice warning – Unit announces “Fire! Fire!” in addition to loud 85 dB beeps when smoke or fire is detected
  • Hush® Feature – Temporarily silences nuisance alarms
  • Test feature – Simultaneously tests the unit’s electronics and verifies alarm operation
  • Tamper resist feature – Unit will lock to mounting bracket to deter theft or tampering      
  • End of life warning

Condition: New in box 

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