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Sippy Cups With Lids (20-pack)

Sippy Cups With Lids (20-pack)

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These dishwasher safe cups can be used again and again, but don't cost a lot. When it's time to let them go, they can be easily recycled in many communities. Made without BPA, these durable cups are perfect for families whether at home or on the go. Kids love the fun colours and parents love that these spill proof cups help to keep drinks inside with snap-on lids. They're great for day care: Use a food safe marker to write your little one’s name on their sippy cup, and you can be sure it’ll always end up in the right cubby. Add a fun splash of colour to your child's party - and help keep those drinks contained. 

  • Spill proof lids 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Condition: New, open box

Capacity: 10 oz / 296 ml

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