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Folding Fitness Bike

Folding Fitness Bike

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Xterra Fitness FB360 has a solid X-frame design constructed of sturdy steel designed for longevity and stability. The advanced folding frame design and multi-seating positions of the Xterra Fitness FB360 maximizes your use of space while providing a workout that is comfortable and effective. FB360 can be used in almost any room of your home and can fold to just 52.1 × 50.8 cm (20.5 × 20 in.) of floor space.  The padded lower back pad, large anatomically designed thick padded seat, and padded seat handles combine to give you a comfortable secondary seating position that will keep you working out longer. Challenge yourself with 8 levels of resistance while you easily keep track of all of your workout data with the easy to use console. Make your workouts more effective by easily monitoring your heart rate with the handlebar mounted hand pulse sensors.

  • Ultra-quiet operation, smooth feeling precision balanced flywheel
  • Convenient accessory holder for your remote control or phone
  • Integrated phone/tablet holder
  • LCD window is easy to read with all the necessary information and clearly displays speed, distance, time, calories, and pulse
  • Heavy-duty frame design constructed of a sturdy steel frame designed for longevity and stability
  • Padded lower back pad, anatomically designed seat and multi-grip padded handlebars
  • Monitor your heart rate at any time with the convenient handlebar mounted pulse grips
  • Fully foldable design and easy to transport with built-in transport wheels allows for ease of moving your equipment when not in use
  • 8-level magnetic tension control system allows you to adjust the resistance for easier or more challenging workouts
  • Weight capacity: 113 kg (250 lb.)
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