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‘Norman Rockwell’ 11-Piece Collector Plate Set

‘Norman Rockwell’ 11-Piece Collector Plate Set

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An 11-piece set of authentic antique ‘Norman Rockwell’ decorative china plates set.

Included Plates: (see individual photos)

  • 'Santa's Golden Gift' - Includes certificate of authenticity.’
  • ‘Easter’ - Includes certificate of authenticity.
  • ‘Grandpa's Treasure Chest’ - Includes certificate of authenticity.
  • 'Evening Ease' - Includes certificate of authenticity. 
  • ‘Christmas Courtship' - Includes certificate of authenticity.
  • ‘Close Harmony' - Includes certificate of authenticity.
  • ‘This is the Room That Light Made’ - Includes certificate of authenticity.
  • ‘Santa in the Subway‘ - Includes certificate of authenticity.
  • ‘Father's Help‘ - Includes certificate of authenticity.
  • ‘The Tycoon’ - In original box; missing certificate.
  • 'The Birthday Wish’ - Includes certificate of authenticity.

Condition: Antique; Like-new

Dimensions: 8.5” diameter (same size for all plates)

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