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3.8L Fog Machine Liquid

3.8L Fog Machine Liquid

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Create a foggy and foreboding atmosphere for your Halloween setting. Fill your fog machines with our Fog Machine Liquid to create sheets of odorless non-toxic fog. Fog Machine Liquid works in all fog machines designed for water-based fluid. This container of Fog Liquid creates approximately 15-20 hours worth of fog, depending on fogger wattage and pump size. A gallon of fog liquid is the perfect amount for when you just want a few night's worth of eerie atmosphere.

  • Makes colourless, water-based fog
  • No need to dilute the ready-to-use solution
  • Works in all fog machines designed for water-based fluid
  • Packaging artwork may vary
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    Condition: New in package

    Volume: 1-gallon size (128 fl. oz./3.8 litres)

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